Article of the newspaper “Il Resto Del Carlino” published on July 11th, 2010
Coincart earns the award “Ok Italia”
Successful paper industry

Coincart, company operating in Cervia as traders and consultants of paper making and converting equipment, has received the award “Ok Italia” for the internationalization through the industrial network.
This is the motivation: “The award is given to Coincart because it is an exemplary case of entrepreneurial activity that takes advantage of its owner long experience in the field of paper industry as Managing Director, to give life to a successful activity”.
Coincart was born in 1996 in Ravenna, founded by its owner, Mr. Noris Rubboli.
Mr. Rubboli declares: “Our wish is to go on increasing our turnover, developing abroad the reconstruction of those factories which would not have enough strength and space here in Italy”.