VER3889 - 6760 mm Paper Machine for Newsprint
Manufacturer: Beloit, 1976
Trim width: 6760 mm
Max capacity: 400 Tpd
Grammage: 40 - 45 - 48.8 - 60 gr/m2
Stopped May 2010

Technical specifications
Capacity 400 Tpd. During the last 6 years several investments have been made in order to shift from wood and pulp to waste paper, and the machine is currently using waste paper (newspaper, magazine) as raw material with no additional pulp

Stock preparation: deinking plant
Manufacturer: Kadant-Lamort, year 2003
Max capacity: 280 Tpd
Automatically driven through the central control system
Feeding conveyor and scale
High consistency screens
Flotation cells “VERTICEL” DAD, double aeration, type IV, with 3 injection stages
Centrifuge “GUINARD” type
Fine sorting: first sorting stage: 108 cones EPL136; second sorting stage: 36 cones EPL136; third sorting stage: 4 cones EPL440
Thickening filter

Screening of deinked pulp is achieved in two sorting steps

Wet end
The headbox is equipped with the DAMATIC cross grammage adjusting system, made out of a number of 60 servo engines. The pressure in the headbox is automatically adjusted, according to the speed of the machine
The Bell-Baie III forming system is made out of two synthetic vertical wires
The white waters are cleared with a flotation installation KROFTA model SPC - 40 DAF type, 2006 Pick-up roll
In case of accidental stop of the wires, the pick-up roll lifts automatically to avoid damaging the wire

The newsprint machine is equipped with a double press and a self loading press. The double press is made out of suction press and Venta-Nip press. The roll of the two presses is granite. The suction roll has a suction box with two areas of increasingly progressive vacuum and a manual rotation device according to the contact line. The suction roll has a fixed curve.The roll pressure is pneumatically controlled and linked with the NIP value that is the target. Press III is a self-loading press, made up of an inferior roll with a polyurethane coating and superior granite roll (top-rock) equipped with an oscillating blade. Out of press III the paper has a consistency of 42-45%

Drying part
Drying the paper is achieved in four cylinder groups. Each group has a self-start, with engines of continuous electric-power, the speed of each being correlated with the speed of the machine, the leading group is group number 1
- group 1: 7 cylinders, with a unorun screen; 2 blow tubes, 7 cleaners
- group 2: 12 cylinders with unorun drying screen, 7 blow tubes, bronze cleaner
- group 3: 14 cylinders with 2 spiraflex screen ALBANY type
- group 4: 13 cylinders with 2 spiraflex screen ALBANY type
Drive of the cylinders of each group is made by closed jagged rims in oil circulated casing boxes
The drying cylinder casing are equipped with oil cooled roll bearings. The temperature on the surface of the cylinders varies from 45 - 50 C° in group 1, aprox. 100 - 105 C° in group 3 and then decreases to 40 - 50 C° at the output of group 4
Each drying group is equipped with automatic valve with live steam feeding, group 2 and 1 are fed in a cascade with a flash steam recovered from group 3 (for group 2) and respectively group 2 (for group 1). Group 4 uses for drying live steam, introduced through an automatic valve at a 2.5 - 3 b pressure and a temperature of 140 - 145 C°. At the output of the drying part, the sheet of paper is cooled on the cooling cylinder to gain elasticity. It has 6 - 8% humidity and enters the machine’s calender
The overtake of the paper sheet is made by the rope system

Calender Beloit type, made of 6 rolls, 4 of which have adjustable curvature, and 2 warmed water 40 - 50 C° and equipped with an oscillating blade

Kettledrum wrapper Beloit type, width 6760 mm

Valmet type scanner 1996
Real time reading of paper parameters: weight (width and length); humidity (width and length); absolute dry weight; thickness; smoothness; opacity; ash content
All scanner acquired information are sent to the process computer. These paper characteristics are presented under different forms, such as: average values, paper profiles, instantaneous values, evolution in time of parameters, state of some execution elements, etc.

Valmet-process computer
The Valmet system controls the machine in real time checking the following parameters: weight, humidity, pressure, ash, controls steam and the third’s press functioning, controls oil pressure on each of the five areas of press number three, controls the washing valve at suction box number 1, at the forming hub of suction box 1 and 2, controls high pressure jet from press 2 and screen 1 and 2 and controls the movement of scraper from press 2

Slitter rewinder and cutting system
Beloit type. During the 1996 refurbishment the starting system has been entirely changed, new engines of continuous electric power with computer command being introduced. This present system is General Electric
DIENES cutting line 2003

Wrapping line
LAMB S.U.A semi-automatic, maximum capacity: 60 rolls/h, made up of 2 large systems working together:
8 rolling strip transport systems and a wrapping stations CompactoWrap
Automatic control system RollData made up of a 5 computer networks
The rolls identification station is equipped with:
- Laser barcode reader;
- Ink-jet printing system of the rolls serial number on its head;
- Ultrasonic device for diameter measuring;
- Length measuring system

Steam boiler
LOOS boiler, ZFR type – manufactured in 2006, 40 t/h, 8 bar;
Water softening station WTM-DM type ionic mass of 20 m3/h;