VER4226 - 3700 mm Paper Machine
Trimmed width: 3700 mm
Weight range: 45 -150 gr/m2
Speed: 600 m/min
Production capacity: 130 Tpd

Fan pump
4050 mm output pressurized headbox made by Valmet, installed in 1995, 150 Tpd
Fourdriner made in 1992, in stainless steel and carbon steel lined with stainless steel sheet. Length 12850 mm, width 4200 mm
Wire roll modified from stationary into swiveling and pick up press modified by Valmet in 2001
Escher Wyss second press year 1992 with Nipco roll
Drying section rebuilt in 1995 by Valmet and consiststing of pre- and post-drying sections
Pre-drying section including 17 drying rolls 1500 mm, face 3950 mm, operating pressure 4,9 bar
Post-drying section rebuilt in 1995 and composed by 10 drying rolls 1500 mm, face 3950 mm, operating pressure 4,9 bar
Size press manufactured by Sonotec
Escher Wyss calender year 1992 equipped with a Nipco roll
Fault detector system and bridge measurement system (ABB) QCS
Valmet pope reel installed in 1995. Automatic type with spools parking. Equipped with 5 reel spools
3700 mm trimmed width Jagenberg Vari Step TR 43 rewinder, max speed 2000 m/min, 10 slitting knives, max inlet 2400 mm, max rewound 1525 mm, complete of unwinder
Rolls wrapping unit

Machine stopped in Summer 2010, still installed