VER 4532 - Ground Wood Plant
The plant produces SGW (stone ground wood) pulp for graphic paper with a capacity of 22.000 tons (long fiber) or 30.000 tons (short fiber).
Plans and some equipment are ready for 50% more capacity

At this time the product characteristics are:
TYPE                              A (Long Fiber)          Z (Short Fiber)
Freeness    SR               65                             50
Strenght      (m)              3200                         1500
Bulk            (cmc/g)        2,7                            2,9
Opacity    (photovolt)%                                    98
Brightness    (ISO)         75                              80

The machine park is fully equipped with machinery from VOITH (with some additions from ANDRITZ, PESSA and DIMA MECCANICA) and was partly rebuilt recently.
The maintenance is executed once a year (in August)
The maximum production capacity is 30.000 tons/year
Large storage area with a total of 2.500 m2
Electricity is supplied by a 132 kV line
Bark is sold as a secondary product, sludge is distributed to local agriculture as fertilizer

Main equipment:
2 debarker lines CAMBIO
2 VOITH grinders type 3G 110 with 2 Marelli motor 1,6 MW-6 kV (1966 completely overhauled in 2012 and 2013)
1 VOITH vibrating screens
3 VOITH screens V20 and n.2 V10 1985-96
1 ANDRITZ disc filter 3711/08 (thickener) completely overhauled by Andritz in 2011
3 VOITH refiners 800 mm diameter, 750 kW motor
2 VOITH double wire press (1 meter) with 2 layboys 1966
1 VOITH pulper type VSZS 4 (1980 completely overhauled in 2013)
5 tanks with VOITH propeller mixer
1 PESSA hydraulic press for 5 bales forming
1 DIMA MECCANICA wrapping machine 2007

Other equipment:
VOITH Omniscreen with screen basket C-BAR F,D=0,07 (n. 1119 1986)
ANDRITZ mixer type HCM3HH 19665/1 2006
BELLMER HS bleaching tower (87/3040 D 3500) with 4 TIGLER screws
FMW equipment for grinders automatic charge of logs - 1991
THUNE screw press SP 45
VOITH vibrating screen