VER4718 - 2000 mm Over Meccanica Tissue Machine
Manufacturer: Over Meccanica
Year: 1972, continuously updated
Width at Pope: 2000 mm
Grammage (min-max): 13-35 gsm
Speed: 1100 m/min (at 13 gsm), 700 m/min (at 35 gsm)
Max Reel diameter at pope: 2100 mm
Capacity: 50 Tons/day

Machine stopped at end of September 2016

Machine Description
Pressurized Headbox by Over Meccanica
Inclined wire with suction breast roll
Pick-up roll
Suction press, diameter: 700 mm
Blind drilled press, diameter: 550 mm
Gas Hood
Yankee Cylinder (grooved inside), diameter: 3600 mm, working pressure: 7.5 bar
Pope reel

Stock Preparation for virgin pulp
Pulper in stainless steel with feeding conveyor
HD Cleaner
LD Cleaners
N2 Refiners (one is conical JC01)
Fan pump
Pressure Screen before headbox
Accuray QCS
N4 Nash vacuum pumps
Floatation system for water cleaning and fibre recovery

Perini Rewinder
2 Unwind Stands
Max finished reel diameter: 1200 mm
Speed: 500 m/min

Recard Rewinder
4 Unwind Stands (normally 3 in use)
Max finished reel diameter: 1550 mm
Speed: 600 m/min

Machine in good working condition
Some spare parts available (presses, rolls, etc.)

Videos available on request