VER4737 - 57MWe natural gas fired Combined Cycle Power Plant
Power Plant General Description
This is a Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant (CCCPP) able to produce electric power (exported to the National Grid) and steam (exported to local Client’s industrial facilities).
It was first synchronized in 1994, entered commercial operation in 2005 and was finally put in conservation mode in 2010, after the end of the steam purchase agreement with the Steam Client.
Power plant remained in stand by operation up to end of October 2010 (available to the local grid only for peaking expected during summer 2010).

As a single-shaft line, it is mainly composed by:
-one (1) General Electric MS 6541B Gas Turbine (Frame 6B) with its own Generator
-one (1) Ansaldo Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) producing steam at two different pressure levels (70 and 6 bar)
-one (1) Ansaldocondensing Steam Turbine, connected to its own generator, with three
steam extractions (24-12-6 bar) designed for final user steam requirements.