VER 4838 - Pulp Reject Screw Press
We are pleased to inform that we are exclusive agents for the Babbini presses
for all foreign markets (outside Italy) for the Paper Industry

Babbini is worldwide leader in the production of presses for the sugar industry
Now it is entering into the paper industry with the assistance of Coincart!

Main Technical Details:
Model: MIC6
Dimensions: 1300 mm x 5380 mm x height 2700 mm
Weight: 11900 Kg
Capable to achieve 70% dryness and more
Capacity: up to 4 t/h
Made in Stainless Steel AISI304
Drive group: ABB motor, 45 kW, 1500 rpm, 400 V, 50 Hz
Hydraulic system: oil-pressure, 5.5 kW
Control panel with Siemens PLC
You can see or download video of the press in operation just clicking HERE

We can make you a detailed offer for these presses, including several services such as mechanical guarantee, erection and start-up supervision, optional spare parts, etc..

Full Press Description:
The MIC series Babbini press is made up of one press spindle that rotates at very slow speed (8-10 rpm) inside a filtering cage.
The material is fed by dropping it through the inlet chute installed at one press end and then conveyed towards the outlet by means of the press spindle.
The material squeezing is obtained by compressing it by means of the two counter-pressure plates placed at the outlet that regulate the outlet volume.
The liquid part is drained through the filtering cage made up of perforated screens.

The press consists in the following main parts:
1. Basement
The basement is a structure to which the press is fastened and it is used to anchor the machine to concrete foundations or metal structure.
The basement is made up of beams that create a stiff and compact structure in order to assure the machine’s stability.
Inside the basement there is the trough for the collection of the liquid part, that will be then conveyed to special tanks for disposal or treatment.

2. Base frame
The base frame represents the machine’s skeleton on which all the press components are fixed by means of screws.
It consists in suitably shaped plates and in pipes welded among themselves.
The frame is designed so that it can bear the remarkable stress it is subject to during operation.

3. Inlet chute
The inlet chute is completely manufactured in stainless steel and is the point where the material enters the press.
It is divided into 2 parts and it is hinged to the base frame for easy opening and maintenance operations.

4. Press spindle
The press spindle is cylindrical and consists in a pipe having circular section on which the flights are welded.
On its working surface the flight is plated with highly wear-resistant materials.

5. Filtering cage
In order to have an easy and quick access to the spindle, the filtering cage is longitudinally cut, therefore both the upper and the lower part can be quickly and easily disassembled.
The filtering cage consists in several perforated screens enclosing the spindle and are fixed by means of special structures.
The filtering screens, have cylindrical and octagonal shape, are thick and extremely sturdy and are manufactured with materials resistant to the high wear they are subject to during operation.
The cylindrical cage is manufactured in DUPLEX; while the octagonal cage is manufactured in CRUESABRO.
The cages are equipped with flat bars acting as knives to rip the material in order to avoid blocks along the spindle.

6. Outlet
The counter-pressure plates regulating the material outlet volume are installed in the discharge area.
The plates are hinged to the base frame by means of pins and are moved by means of no. 2 hydraulic cylinders driven by a special oil-pressure unit.
The plates motion, and therefore the increase/decrease of the material outlet volume is managed by a PLC depending on the pre-set minimum and maximum threshold values for the motor power absorption.

7. Cover
The press internal structure is protected by a stainless steel cover divided into several elements.

8. Transmission group
The transmission is made up of an electrical motor that, by means of a V-belts transmission, operates a gearbox with parallel axes with pendulum type assembly.
This type of gearbox can be found on the market.
The press spindle is connected to a supported shaft to which the gearbox is coupled.
The electrical motor is a product that can be found on the market and it is equipped with forced ventilation to be driven by frequency changer.
The gearbox with parallel axes Is a product that can be found on the market and it consists in a triple reduction stage.
The supported shaft connecting the spindle to the gearbox bears the press stresses by means of an oversized roller bearings group.

9. Oil-pressure system on remote platform
The oil-pressure system operates the cylinders that move the counter-pressure plates and it can be divided into three fundamental groups:
- Group for transformation of the electrical power into hydraulic power (tank, motor, oil level pump sensor and fittings
- Group for hydraulic power regulation and distribution (pressure regulators, flow regulators and directional valves)
- Group for transformation of the hydraulic power into mechanical power (actuator)

10. Drive electrical panel
The press is equipped with an automatic feeding and drive panel driven by PLC and interfaceable with DCS.

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