VER5012 - 200 Tpd Stock Preparation line
Capacity: around 200 Tpd
Line designed to work with 100% secondary fibre (mixed waste paper)

Composed of:
-Black Clawson Hydra-Pulper of 50 m3 (F50 type)
Made in AISI 316 stainless steel
Loaded by a belt conveyor (length of 15 m, width of 1.4 m and 16% slope)

-RCM high consistency cleaners, type D200, with automatic discharging system and working at a consistency of around 3.5-4.0% (up to 5.0%)
-Ultra-screen by Black Clawson working at medium consistency (3-4 %), installed power of 90 kW, with holes basket
-RCM Turbo-separator TRB 1200 type equipped with holes basket
-RCM Rotocleaner TS 1000 type
-RCM vibrating screen
-Two medium consistency pressure screens: one Comer EC10 type (with slotted basket) and one Comer EC20 type with slotted basket

Some spare parts available (rotors, baskets, impeller, etc..)
Drawing available