VER5109 - 4 Pockets A4/A3 Cut Size Line
Maker: Tiara
Year of manufacture: 2013
2 reel stands with power brake c/w manual controller
2 sets of paper reel shafts c/w gear and chuck
Shaft diameters: 76 mm
Manual lateral adjustment
Max. paper reel diameter: 1100
Max. paper web width: 845 mm
2 infeed steel drums and 1 rubber nip roller
5 sets of slitting knife assembly and 1 air blower
Slitting unit: fixed
Bottom knife material: high speed
Top knife material: high speed

Cross cutter:
top and bottom rotary sheeting knives
knife load max: 300 g/m² / min.: 50 g/m²
bottom knife material: carbide
top knife material: carbide

Paper delivery and collecting section:
overlapping sheet delivery system
ream counting by front finger inserting system
auto ream stacking and side delivery

Cutting speed:
number of reams per minute: +/- 5 to 6 reams /A4 – 500 shhets)
Electrical Specification: 15 hp – 3 phase. 415V, 50 Hz drive motor
1 operation control panel and switches