VER 5156 - Complete Automatic Cut Size Sheeter for A4
Complete Automatic Line, starting from 5 jumbo rolls to reams of A4 paper,
wrapped in paper, put in boxes and loaded on pallets.
Please note that it is a SYNCHRO SHEETER with rotating upper and bottom knife cylinders,
maybe it is the only one available in the market!

Manufacturing Year: 1976
Paper width: 1150 mm
Speed: 250 m/min
Max unwind.: 1500 mm

Complete A4-Line with wrapping line
Five reel unwinding stand
lifting carriage from floor level
reel centering cart in the floor
Over head paper transfer, five paper web decurlers

Main Will machine
Punching unit for holes, DIN 2, DIN 4, as well as Scandinavian standards
Slitting station with six slitters
trim suction with trim fan
Dust removal
Syncro Fly rotary cutting head set up for cutting length of 297 mm
(max rotary 1000 cuts per min)
Max knife load 420 gsm
Paper delivery in 5 pockets
PLC-Siemens S-7 300, added in 2009
Main drive: AC motor 30 Kw with Vacon VFD
possibility to add a cover sheet

Wrapmatic A4 ream wrapper for up to 25 reams per minute
Nordson gluing station.
Unwinding stand for either paper or plastic, cutting with "cut to print" possible
Heat sealing at exit of wrapper
PLC - Siemens S7-300
Label machine
Possibility to bypass ream wrapper to put directly in boxes

Stacker, made Will
Type ACCU-25, made in 1993
rebuilt with safety gates in 2004
PLC- Siemens S7-300

Cartonizer - Made by Meco Pack AB (Sweden)
Carton box maker and lid making boxing machine
Made in 1996
Label machine at exit, also with possibility for ink marking

Mosca strapping machine
with one turning table before and one after.
Able to put one or two straps, either cross or lengthwise.
Siemens PLC

Palletising machine
Automatic with possibility for several different patterns of palletising.
Made by Leng in 2004
The line is still in operation and
available: immediately

Video available upon request