VER 5164 - 1710 mm PCMC/Perini Toilet roll Complete line
Status: installed, currently in test-operation mode
Condition: very good condition

Machine description:
3 pcs unwind stands available
– max. base paper diameter: 1,5 m;
– paper web width: 1,7m
– 3 pcs can be delivered, however 1 pc will be without servomotor and frequency converter – can be added as option
– 1 pcs – original
– 2 pcs – added to the machine – made in year 2000
– 1x installed servo motor Lenze 13,2 kW with frequency converter Lenze
Unwind stand (still w/o servodrive) with 2-colour printing

Printing machine PCMC
– 2-colour printing

Machine calander /embossing machine
– 2-rolls (rubber / steel)

DESL embossing calender - laminated
– Made by Fabio Perrini in year 2000

Rewinder: PCMC, model: R200
– manufactured in 1975, rebuilds in 2000 (DESL unit from Fabio Perini)
– rewinder unit with all motors and gearboxes
– embossing: asymetric (not laminated) and drop (laminated –DESL), including motors and gearboxes
– max. speed: 600 m/min (asymetric embossing), 450 m/min (DESL). 200 m/min (printed)
– sheet length: 140mm or 280mm
– min. paper length on roll: 11,2 m, roll diameter: 90mm
– max. paper length on roll: 50m, roll diameter: 125mm
– output: 18 tons/day (50 m/roll), 12 tons/day (18 m/roll), average for last 3 years 4.200 tons/a
– logs accumulator

Banderole Machine: Casmatic, model: FA2400
• manufactured in 2003

Log acumulator

Log saw: Fabio Perini, model 140T, made in 1989
• 1 logsaw installed at outfeed
• max. speed per one logsaw: 20 logs/min

Core machine
• manufactured in 2003
• Fabio Perrini model 280 F
• Core diameter 45 mm
• Two unwind stands for four core paper tambours, exchange of core paper tambour without stopping core making machine
• Contro system Robox

Rewinder type PCMC R200
Year: 1975
Machine width: 1710 mm
Unwind stands: 3
Two Embossing units

Drive system:
• Main motor ABB 250 kW, 1450 rpm, 400V (to be confirmed)
• Lineshaft from printer to rewinder
• Controlled by frequency converter ABB ACS600
Control system:
Mainly Siemens S7 (except of core making machine (Robox) and log saw (S5)