Rewinders - Embossers - Wrappers - Packing Lines
VER3664 - 2700 mm Perini Bravo Converting Line for Kitchen Towel and Toilet Rolls
VER5164 - 1710 mm PCMC/Perini Toilet roll Complete line
VER4914 - Complete Tissue Converting Line for Toilet and Kitchen Rolls
VER5181 - Perini Alfina Tissue Converting Line for Toilet Rolls
VER5182 - 810 Tissue Converting Line for Toilet Rolls
VER5100 - Tissue Converting Line for AFH Products
VER5101 - Tissue Converting Synchro 5.0 Line
VER4180 - Wrapmatic Wrapping Machine Cassoli Superpack 3
VER4893 - Cassoli PAC 602 RT - Wrapping Machine
VER4894 - Cassoli PAC 370 TP - Packing Machine for Napkins
VER3765 - Core Making Machine Mod. TS Type C50
VER4881 - Fabio Perini Core Making Machine
VER5011 - Two packing lines for toilet rolls (Wrapmatic and Casmatic)
VER4107 - Cassoli IN 3AL Bundling Machine
VER4895 - Cassoli IN3A - Overwrapping Machine
VER5040 - NEW Automatic Banding Machine
VER5041 - NEW Automatic Packaging Line AFH rolls in single or twin pack
VER5042 - NEW Automatic Packaging Line for AFH rolls multipack bundle
VER4896 - Perini Double Embosser

Coupling Slitter Rewinders for Tissue
VER4924 - 2000 mm Perini Coupling Tissue Rewinder
VER3428 - 2800 mm Over Meccanica Tissue Rewinder - now dismantled
VER4848 - 2800 mm Coupling Slitter Rewinder - now dismantled
VER2885 - 2850 mm NEW Tissue 2 Ply Coupling Rewinder

Napkins-Handkerchiefs Machines
VER5113 - Interfolding machine for facial tissues
VER4995 - Facial Tissue V Interfolding complete machine
VER4997 - Walli V-shape automatic napkins line
VER5071 - Omet Napkins Machine
VER4675 - Perini Line for Napkins
VER4666 - Echo Perini Napkins Line
VER4811 - Omet 840 Napkins Machine
VER4739 - Hobema Napkins Line 38x38
VER4740 - Hobema Napkins Line 38x38
VER4946 - Hobema Hand Towel "C" Folder
VER4181 - Cassoli PAK 340 for Napkins
VER4894 - Cassoli PAC 370 TP - Packing Machine for Napkins
VER4182 - Perini Log Saw Mod. 140
VER5155 - Omet Napkins Line

Baby Diapers
VER5102 - Baby Diapers Production Line - now dismantled
VER5073 - Baby Diapers Production Line