Installed in the ’60s
Completely renewed in 1992 (replaced the side parts of the wet section, totally rebuilt the hood of the drying section, and added 6 dryer cylinders)
Max width at pope: 2900 mm
7 forming cylinders (diameter: 1250 mm)
Capacity: 75 Tpd
Speed: 17 to 45 m/min
Grammage: 400 – 1000 gsm
Product: white/white, grey/grey, brown/grey, white/grey
N°26 dryer cylinders (diameter: 1500 mm)
MG cylinder (diameter: 3500 mm)
Hood by Valmet
Bono boiler 12 t/h, 10 bar
QCS: first scanner before dryer section for grammage and moisture; second scanner before pope
5/6 pope spools
Machine can work with pope winder or bypass the pope and cut directly sheets on a Pizzolato sheet cutter Duplex, 6 slitters

Scope of supply: from fan pump to pope and sheeter on line

  • RCM screen before headboxes, with 2.5 m holes
  • Stock preparation not included
  • First and last mould formers (N.1 and n.7) can be fed by different furnish, i.e. possibility to make white top or white bottom, or both white
  • Several spare parts, including: 1 forming drum, several felts, etc.