Max width at pope: 2590 mm
Year of make: 1979
9 forming cylinders (diameter: 1250 mm)
Capacity: 75 Tpd
Speed: 17-60 m/min
Grammage: 320-1000 mm
Product: white/white, grey/grey, brown/grey, white/grey
N° 26 Dryers (diameter 1500 mm)
MG Cylinder (diameter 3500 mm)
Hood by Brunnschweiler
QCS: first scanner before drying section with SR90 head for grammage and moisture; second scanner before pope, Kripton head.
5/6 pope spools
Machine complete with stock preparation
Machine can work with pope winder or bypass the pope and cut directly sheets on a Pizzolato sheet cutter Duplex
Machine stopped on August 2017

Main renovations:
-in 1988: added 5 dryers
-end of 2015: added 2 forming cylinders, added a suction press, improved the stock preparation adding Kadant screening and cleaning systems: hydrapurge, floatpurge, UK300, Liquid cyclone and junk trap)
-in 2015: totally changed the electric system, panels, DCS and QCS software, for the automatization of the process. Brand new electric cabins for PM and stock preparation too. New software that operates the machine and the stock preparation as well
-in 2015: steam system was completely rebuilt, changing joints and siphons for steam and condensate removal