Width at pope: max 1600 mm
Grammage: 300-1100 gsm
Type of product: board white/grey and grey/grey
Capacity: 40-50 Tpd
Steam consumption: 2 tons per ton of paper

Stock preparation and approach flow:
-Medium density pulper, 15 cubic meters, with feeding conveyor, with separplast
-Screen head of machine
-vibrating screen
-fan pump

Machine composed of:
-N°10 forming cylinders
-Presses: 3+3
-N°30 drying cylinders at 3 bar 
-MG cylinder
-Further N°8 drying cylinders at 10 bar
-Bridge for measurements
-Vacuum system

Machine installed in the 70s, with several modifications over the years
Documentation and drawings available for the buyer