Manufacturer: Tuma – Turbo Mach SpA
Year of construction: 1995 – New turbine and new generator in 2001
Fuel: natural gas (CH4)
Gas consumption: 1.200.000 m3/month; 65/70% for power, 30/35% for steam
Solar Centaur 50-T6200 gas turbine
Gearbox reductor Cat-Solar
Leroy Somer power generator for 4.6 MW / 5750 KVA at 10.000 V, 1500 rpm
Bono heat recovery boiler, with 10 ton/h steam production at 10 bar

Complete water demineralization system, with condensate recovery and make-up water tank, degaser, 2 high pressure pumps for boiler feeding
Construction Belardinelli
Automatic turbine washer
Idled Summer 2007, installed, well preserved
See drawings and pictures attached