Installed 1991
Turbine made by Fiat Avio (Westinghouse license)
Type of turbine: TG20.B7.8U (N°2)
Year of construction: 1990
Power rating ISO: 37,8 MW
Output: 29%
Fuel: methane gas
Assembly in axel cabin
Acoustic: 85 dB
Diesel engine starter
Emissions: CO 10 mg / Nm3; NOx 130 mg / Nm3 control with H2O (2 t/h)
Working hours of turbine: 8000/year, about 136.000 from starting
Numbers of startings: 6/year average
Maintenance inspections: general overhauling in 2004, with substitution of rotors with related blading; from 2005 global maintenance contract for hot parts inspection every 2 years, hot parts overhauling every 4 years, general overhauling every 8 years

Main reductor
Constructor: Citroen
Year of manufacturing: 2004 and 2005
Rpm: 4960/3000
Working hours: 32.000 and 24.000

Constructor: Jeumont
Year of construction: 1990
Power developed: 47.500 KVA
Rpm: 3000
Hertz: 50
Insulation class: F/B
Power factor: 0,8
Kw: 37.800
Amps: 2598
Volts: 10.500

1 line overhauled at 0 hours in August 2008. In 2002, because of an accident, a new rotor of the turbine was installed, with an investment of 4 Milions Euro. This line has been stopped November 20th, 2008

1 line overhauled at 0 hours in February 2008. Stopped in July 2009