Main boiler
Manufacturer: SICES
Year of start up: 2003
Max production capacity: 25 ton/h (overheated steam)
Steam pressure at grip valve: 55 bar
Seal pressure: 62 bar g
Overheated steam temperature: 430 C°
Thermal output with 20 t/h production: 92,5%
Output test trial according to UNI 7708 rules
– liquid: fuel oil (present configuration)
– gas: natural gas
– solid: wooden dust
After being stopped in 2008 it has been put into security and a treatment of anti-corrosion has been carried out

Secondary boiler
Manufacturer: Macchi
Year of made: 1973
Production capacity: 16 T/h (saturated steam)

Turbo alternator group

  • Turbine made by Tosi
    Overhauled and upgraded in 2003
    Max production capacity: 2200 Kw and 25 tons of steam overheated at 55 bar, 430 C°, discharging pressure 4,5 ata
  • Alternator made by Siemens
    Overhauled in 2003