VER5242 – 1200 mm Cavalleri Sheeter

Sheeter Maker: Cavalleri Model: CT 14 Year of construction: 2000 Max working width: 1200 mm Nr. 2 unwinder included (diameters max of each reels 1000 mm) Photocell for preprinted reel Antistatic bar Video available on request Promptly delivery This machine is actually stopped but in [...]

VER5242 – 1200 mm Cavalleri Sheeter2023-01-16T10:26:26+01:00

VER5255 – 1400 mm Strachan and Henshaw Sheeter

Sheeter Maker: Strachan and Henshaw Width: 1400mm Year 1991 Twin double Favalesa shatfless unwinds with disc brakes and tension control Four slitters Synchro cut, reject gate, layboy Baler for polythene waste Baler for paper and card Machine for stripping paper from cores CNG vertical paper [...]

VER5255 – 1400 mm Strachan and Henshaw Sheeter2023-02-22T11:58:30+01:00

VER5210 – 1650 mm Valmet-Strecker Synchro Sheeter

Maker: Valmet-Strecker Type: Syncrofly Year: 1989 Max knife load 600gsm ( Min 35 gsm ) Max working width 1650mm Min sheet size (w x i) 320 x 420mm Max sheet size (w x l) 1650 x 1550mm Unwind stands one, double type Max unwind reel [...]

VER5210 – 1650 mm Valmet-Strecker Synchro Sheeter2022-02-17T09:26:25+01:00
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