VER5233 – Krofta Floatator SPC20+

Maker: Krofta Model: SPC 20+ Diameter: 6400 mm Year: 2002/2003 Max flow: aroud 220 m3/h The installation is complete with drives for carriage and scoop controls for start on rotation of carriage and scoop, control box for sludge density system attached to wide window, pipework [...]

VER5233 – Krofta Floatator SPC20+2023-03-15T11:30:11+01:00

VER3123 – Effluent Water Treatment Plant

Complete plant, built in 1999, for a 250/300 Tpd liner-fluting paper mill Water treatment capacity: 180 - 200 m3/h Chemicals storage tanks Anaerobic reactor with biogas production, 1500 m3, built of mild steel, insulated, with steam pre-heater and chemicals mixing tank. Working temperature 30 - [...]

VER3123 – Effluent Water Treatment Plant2021-11-03T09:41:05+01:00

VER4725 – 2 x Water Clarifier Sigmafilter Mod. SF200

Maker: OMC Collareda (Italian constructor) Made in 2014, never used Voltage: 400 V Frequency: 50 Hz Frequency range for drum rotation: 15-60 Hz Pressures: Inlet raw water to be treated: 1-1,2 bar Washing water (cleaning of wire): 8 bar Flow rate for specific application: 200 [...]

VER4725 – 2 x Water Clarifier Sigmafilter Mod. SF2002023-05-12T10:58:41+02:00
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