Manufacturer: Dae Hil
Year: 1998
Low Density Polyethylene Coating
Working Width: 1650 mm
Speed: 300 m/min
Single extrusion
Surface treatment by gas/flame; double Corona treater (at the moment installed on both paper sides), flame treatment system, available and installed but not running at the moment
Ozone gas plant, available but not installed
Continuous operation reel to reel
Automatic reel change (“Sandar Tusa” III system)
Complete control of the machine via PLC Siemens S7 300 system
Temperature control
Supervision system “Gefran GF Vedo” with colour touch screen
Infrared optical grammage measurement system
Liquid cooler system
Fume aspiration
Trim blower
Machine complete, from unwinder to winder
Machine still running, in full production