Presentation of Coincart Srl

In almost 30 years of activity in consulting and trading of paper machines, Coincart is one of the main market leaders in Europe, with a record of 37 paper machines sold, plus a great number of ancillary equipment, like stock preparation equipment, slitter rewinders, sheet cutters, boilers, generators etc, as you can see in this web site
The company business has been growing steadily every year thanks to the long and wide technical and managerial experience of Dr Noris Rubboli, former director of some of the most important paper mills in Italy, and the administrative financial and international trade knowledge of his son Dr Marco Rubboli, commercial manager of the company.
Coincart has established long lasting business relationship with hundreds of the most important industrial groups around the world.
Our always updated Internet site has become a constant focus point for companies looking for second hand equipment around the world.
Besides, Coincart can supply all kinds of after-sale services:

  • dismantling
  • transport
  • engineering
  • reassembling supervision
  • start-up assistance

By means of a number of reliable and well established partner companies.
Coincart is founding member and sole Italian member of PIDA – Paper Industry Dealers Association, a group of dealers who have given themselves a code to behave honestly and ethically in business towards clients, suppliers, and among themselves.

In 2010, Coincart Srl was assigned the “OK Italia” award from Unicredit Bank (number one in Italy) as one of the 20 small Italian companies most efficiently performing in the international markets through a world-wide network of connections and good clients.

In the picture below, you can see Mr Noris Rubboli, founder and major share holder of Coincart Srl, receiving the award from (from left to right): Mr Aristide Canosani – President of Unicredit, Mr Alessandro Profumo – Chief Executive Officer of Unicredit, Mr Noris Rubboli – Sole Administrator of Coincart Srl, Mr Roberto Nicastro – Deputy CEO of Unicredit

Premiazione Coincart