VER5263 – 1600 mm Board Machine

Width at pope: max 1600 mm Grammage: 300-1100 gsm Type of product: board white/grey and grey/grey Capacity: 40-50 Tpd Steam consumption: 2 tons per ton of paper Stock preparation and approach flow: -Medium density pulper, 15 cubic meters, with feeding conveyor, with separplast -Screen head of machine -vibrating screen -fan [...]

Board Machines, Highlights|

VER5262 – C-Fold Towel complete line

Manufacturer: PCMC Year: 1995 Machine still in production, in good condition Scope of supply: A)N° 1 PCMC Unwind Stand: -Max parent reel diam 1800 mm -Max paper width 1650 mm -Mechanically driven by the main motor B)N° 1 PCMC Embosser: -Steel to steel rolls -Mechanically driven by the main motor [...]

VER5233 – Krofta Floatator SPC20+

Maker: Krofta Model: SPC 20+ Diameter: 6400 mm Year: 2002/2003 Max flow: aroud 220 m3/h The installation is complete with drives for carriage and scoop controls for start on rotation of carriage and scoop, control box for sludge density system attached to wide window, pipework under the unit, horizontal air [...]

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VER5061 – Stock Lot of Paper Machine Presses and Rolls (for paper width at pope: 3900 mm)

Stock Lot of Paper Machine Rolls, part of a press section from a machine working at 700 m/min, max paper width at pope 3900 mm Including also: -one suction pick-up roll by Beloit, with a spare one, covered in Bronze, face 4140 mm, diameter 508 mm, center bearings 4709 mm [...]

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VER4982 – 90-100 Tpd Maule Hot Dispersion Plant

N° 3 thickening screws made by MAULE, type MB70 Power installed: 5.5 HP Inlet consistency: 4-5% Outlet consistency: 12% with spares N° 1 thickening screw made by MAULE, type PA MB75 Power installed: 11 Kw Inlet consistency: 4-5% Outlet consistency: 12% with spare N° 1 dewatering press made by MAULE, [...]

VER3767 – 2 x size 8,5 F Turboseparator + 1 Vortiscreen VF2,20

Year of manufacture: 1995 Vat volume: 4 m3 Stainless steel inside Plate Holes Ø: 2 - 3,5 mm Plate Ø: 1110 mm Rotor Ø: 1000 mm Installed power: 110 Kw Belt driven Production capacity: 100/150 Tpd Without motors Overall dimensions of turboseparators: 2600 x 1400 x 2700 mm h; weight [...]

Highlights, Turboseparators|

VER3664 – 2700 mm Perini Bravo for Kitchen Towel and Toilet Rolls

Year of construction: 1985; always kept in perfect working condition Dismantled in 2013 Roll width: 2700 mm Paper width: 2650 mm Short description: (1) complete rolls production line including (1) wrapper, (1) bundler, conveyors, spare parts, accessories, auxiliary and ancillary equipments, installation materials and technical documentation Main manufacturers: Perini, Cassoli [...]

VER5182 – 810 Converting Line for Tissue Rolls

Line composed of: -Rewinder 810, speed 400 m/min, diam. log max 130 -embosser -Perini Logs accumulator mod. 250 -Log saw mod. 140 with trimex, speed 160 cuts/min -Cassoli packaging machine mod. 690, speed 70 packs/min (4 rolls packs), rolls diam. 91-130 mm -Cassoli bundler machine -palletizer machine -wrapping machine Robopak [...]

VER3935 – face 3200 mm, Ø 3600 mm, 8,5 bar, Carcano Yankee Cylinder

Constructor: Carcano, now Metso Italy, 1990 Ø: 3600 mm Face: 3200 mm Working pressure: 8,5 bars Grooved inside Complete with bearings and holders Last pressure test in January 2008 Stopped in 2009

Highlights, Yankee Cylinders|

VER4980 – Main parts of a 2800 mm Tissue Machine: Headbox + Yankee + Hood (equipment now dismantled)

Main characteristics of the machine where this equipment was installed: Left hand drive Design working speed: 2200 m/min Operating speed: 1800 m/min Max paper width at winder: 2800 mm Max reels Ø: 2800 mm Headbox for Crescent Former: 2839 mm Headbox for Tissue Slice width: 2839 mm Dual jet with [...]

VER4859 – 2200 mm Paper Machine for specialty papers

Net paper width at pope: 2200 mm Capacity: about 22 Tpd (depending also on the kind of paper you want to produce) Speed: 180 m/min Designed grammage: the machine was used to produce paper from 60 to 1500 gsm, more often from 60 to 500 gsm One fourdrinier N°4 mould [...]

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VER4123 – 2700 mm Over Meccanica Paper Machine for Tissue and MG Papers

Year of construction: 2003 Paper width at pope: 2700 mm Speed: 700 m/min Grammage: 30 to 90 gr/m2 Capacity: 60 Tpd with 40 gr/m2 Stock Preparation: Pulper with Feeding Conveyor Poire (pulper screen) Pilao Triconic Refiner Hot Dispersion Plant RCM Vibrating Screen Lamort Pressure Screen on Head of Machine Forming section: fourdrinier Adjustable hydraulic headbox [...]

VER4937 – Complete 60 Tpd Stock Preparation for waste paper

Year: 2003 Capacity: 60 Tpd All stainless steel Composed of: -14 m3 HD pulper with reductor, motor and RCM poire with Reject press and Poire discharging pump -Feeding conveyor -Hot dispersion plant composed of 3 thickening screws, Dewatering screw and Dispersor -2 HD cleaners -RCM separplast -Andritz/Ahlstrom screen F3A -Thickening [...]

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VER5078 – 2650 mm Crescent Former Tissue Machine

Year: 2000 Capacity: 30 Tpd (from 13 to 32 gsm) Width: 2650 mm Speed: 500 m/min Stock preparation included (14 m3 Low Density Pulper, 2 x Beloit DD refiners (16"), etc..) Paper machine with: -Close headbox (flow rate: 20.000 l/min) -Vacuum forming section -Suction press roll -Yankee cylinder: diameter 3200 mm, [...]

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