VER5263 – 1600 mm Board Machine

Width at pope: max 1600 mm Grammage: 300-1100 gsm Type of product: board white/grey and grey/grey Capacity: 40-50 Tpd Steam consumption: 2 tons per ton of paper Stock preparation and approach flow: -Medium density pulper, 15 cubic meters, with feeding conveyor, with separplast -Screen head of machine -vibrating screen -fan [...]

VER4982 – 90-100 Tpd Maule Hot Dispersion Plant

N° 3 thickening screws made by MAULE, type MB70 Power installed: 5.5 HP Inlet consistency: 4-5% Outlet consistency: 12% with spares N° 1 thickening screw made by MAULE, type PA MB75 Power installed: 11 Kw Inlet consistency: 4-5% Outlet consistency: 12% with spare N° 1 dewatering press made by MAULE, [...]

VER3767 – 2 x size 8,5 F Turboseparator + 1 Vortiscreen VF2,20

Year of manufacture: 1995 Vat volume: 4 m3 Stainless steel inside Plate Holes Ø: 2 - 3,5 mm Plate Ø: 1110 mm Rotor Ø: 1000 mm Installed power: 110 Kw Belt driven Production capacity: 100/150 Tpd Without motors Overall dimensions of turboseparators: 2600 x 1400 x 2700 mm h; weight [...]

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VER3664 – 2700 mm Perini Bravo for Kitchen Towel and Toilet Rolls

Year of construction: 1985; always kept in perfect working condition Dismantled in 2013 Roll width: 2700 mm Paper width: 2650 mm Short description: (1) complete rolls production line including (1) wrapper, (1) bundler, conveyors, spare parts, accessories, auxiliary and ancillary equipments, installation materials and technical documentation Main manufacturers: Perini, Cassoli [...]

VER5182 – 810 Converting Line for Tissue Rolls

Line composed of: -Rewinder 810, speed 400 m/min, diam. log max 130 -embosser -Perini Logs accumulator mod. 250 -Log saw mod. 140 with trimex, speed 160 cuts/min -Cassoli packaging machine mod. 690, speed 70 packs/min (4 rolls packs), rolls diam. 91-130 mm -Cassoli bundler machine -palletizer machine -wrapping machine Robopak [...]

VER4702 – 2350 mm Pasaban Synchro Simplex Sheet Cutter

Model: KST/P-2500 Year of manufacture: 1988 Max useful width: 2350 mm Single motor Sizes: mini 43 x 61 cm / maxi 120 x 150 cm Max speed: 300 m/min Max knife load: 1000 gr/m2 Grammage: 40-500 gsm N°4 unwind stands Palletizer Gluing unit Machine still installed

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VER3935 – face 3200 mm, Ø 3600 mm, 8,5 bar, Carcano Yankee Cylinder

Constructor: Carcano, now Metso Italy, 1990 Ø: 3600 mm Face: 3200 mm Working pressure: 8,5 bars Grooved inside Complete with bearings and holders Last pressure test in January 2008 Stopped in 2009

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VER4859 – 2200 mm Paper Machine for specialty papers

Net paper width at pope: 2200 mm Capacity: about 22 Tpd (depending also on the kind of paper you want to produce) Speed: 180 m/min Designed grammage: the machine was used to produce paper from 60 to 1500 gsm, more often from 60 to 500 gsm One fourdrinier N°4 mould [...]

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VER5078 – 2650 mm Crescent Former Tissue Machine

Year: 2000 Capacity: 30 Tpd (from 13 to 32 gsm) Width: 2650 mm Speed: 500 m/min Stock preparation included (14 m3 Low Density Pulper, 2 x Beloit DD refiners (16"), etc..) Paper machine with: -Close headbox (flow rate: 20.000 l/min) -Vacuum forming section -Suction press roll -Yankee cylinder: diameter 3200 mm, [...]

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