These balers are the state of the art scrap balers onthe market.
They can be used for compacting all kind of metal scrap materials like trimings, stampings, car parts, sheets and wires.
We range from the small 10 ft baler for light materials and small hourly production to the huge 25 ft box able to produce up to 60 tons/hour.
The smaller units can be manufactured as roll on roll off or with lifting cylinders or ready to be positioned on wheels.
All our balers are built with the best materials available in order to obtain the best results.

Shear Balers are manufactured as stationary or semi-mobile depending on the customer request and their size.
The smaller units (up to 800 tons of shearing capacity) can be built with lifting cylinders or directly on wheels.
From 500 tons to 1200 tons of shearing capacity, from 10 to 60 tons/hour of productivity.