Model: AEK 1140
Year: ’80
flush cut
3 layers
tube widths: 30-60 cm
Tube with gusset
tube lengths: 60-130 cm
4 colours in line printer (no printing cylinders only 4 anilox, can’t be visible in operation)
3 Web guide
format gears: 62,64,70,74,80,85,89,90,94,96,98,100,101,105,108,110,114,115,116,120,
reconditioned in 2013: mechanical and electrical completely overhauled,sandblasting, painting, replacing of all bearings.
visible in production
mechanical speed 120/130 tubes/min when you work with the in line printer, and 200 pieces/min when you for work with pre-printed reels, depending on the size of the bags, experience of operators, etc
Servo system for pre-printed reels
The tuber has 2 electrical panel controls, one for the tuber and the second for the servo system

Brand: Kochsiek
Model: K66
Year of construction: 1993
sack width: 27 – 65 cm
sack length: 32- 127 cm
tube length: 36 – 138 cm
bottom width: 7 – 20 (21,5)
bottom center distance: 24-120
bottom patch: 2 with overlapping over the edge of the bottom, and bottom rotators on both sides
bottom printing system: 2 x 2 ( printing cylinders )
PLC control unit Siemens S5 and S7

With S-press belt
With Packetizer
With Elevator
Mechanical/production speed: up to 250/200 pcs/min depending on the size of the bags, paper, experience of operators etc.
vacuum pump system
valve units: 2, tubular, tubular with PE, cement and gusset valve
Bottom handle unit
Palletizer ICOMA/Kochsiek not in use currently because it is missing the conveyor rolls of 3 m between between the bottomer and the palletizer

Line is available from the second half of 2019
Video of the machine in operation available