Complete line for the production of open mouth sacks and valve sacks:

Maker: G&H
Model: PROGRESS 533
Year of production: 1971
Refurbished in 2014
Stepped cut
Inline printer 4 colors
Number of ply – 5
Paper density – from 60 to 100 gsm
Tube width: 350 – 550 mm
Tube length: from 640 – 1100 mm
Roll width: up to 1120 mm
Maximum coil diameter: 1000 mm
Number of rolls: maximum 5 rolls
Gluing station – mechanical
Speed: 60 tubes / min
Weight: 5000 kg
Dimensions: 14600 * 2200 * 2200 mm

There is no transystem between tuber and bottomer

Maker: Windmöller & Hölscher
Model: AD 2365
Year of production: 1971
Refurbished in 2014
Open mouth sacks and valve sacks
Width of the sack: 350-550 mm
Bottom width: 100-170 mm
Open mouth sack length: 560-1020 mm
Length of valve sack: 490-940 mm
Valve length: 180 to 285 mm
Number of valve units: 2 pcs
Number of valve layers: 2 layers
Knot of formation of a bottom and insert of the valve of a paper bag
Speed: 60 bags / min
Capacity of bags: at the same time there are 28 bags in the line
Perforation: 4 rows through at the top of the bag and / or on each layer (including a polyethylene layer along the entire length with an interlayer displacement)
Number of printing colors: without the possibility of printing on the cover sheets
Preliminary system of printing on paper: without the possibility of printing on the cover sheets
Suitable for bags for cement, dry building mixes, gypsum, food solids, chemicals, charcoal, animal feed, seeds
Open bag for coal 2.5 / 3/5/10 kg, for food and non-food bulk materials up to 25 kg
Closed with valve from 15kg to 50kg
Power consumption: up to 100 kW
Voltage: 380 V (50 Hz)
Dimensions: 28000 * 2500 * 2500 mm
Weight: 22,000 kg