Machine model: RWM
Machine type: ream wrapping table
Ream feeding: manually
Functioning: electromechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic

Standard ream sizes:
Length: max 1200/1400 mm
Width: max 1000 mm
Height: min 15 mm – max 100 mm
Paper substance: all kind of papers
Paper qualities: all kind of paper grades; specially designed for sensitive papers
Ream weight: 5 – 60 Kg
Max pallet weight: infeed/outfeed 1500 Kg
Max pallet stack height: infeed/outfeed 1800 mm pallet included
Mechanical speed: 7 strokes/min
Out-put: depending on operators speed, estimated 1500/2000 reams/8-hours shift
Wrapping paper quality: all kind of papers
Wrapping paper substance: 70-190 gr/m2
Wrapping paper reel Ø: 800/1000 mm
Pallet sizes for infeed depalletizer: max 1400 mm width, max 1000 mm length, min height 100 mm
Width of pallet feet: all kind of pallet
Standard main power: 400 V (+/-10% – 5%), 50 Hz, 3 ph. (+0,2 –0,5) + ground Control circuits voltage: 24 V dc
PLC: Siemens
P.L.C. power: 24 V dc
Solenoid valves: 24 V dc delivered from the control tranformer
Installed power: 10 kW ( to be established according to the final machine layout) Electrical plant: according CE standards regulations – All the wiring between the machine and the electrical cabinet is ready to be installed; the electrical cabinet is positioned in a suitable position

Installed airpressure: 5/6 bar
Compressed air connections: 0,5″ Ø( Air pressure regulator and valves already installed on RWM)
Fastening: adhesive tape dispenser
Machine running noise: less than 75 dBA (measured at a distance of 1 m from the machine)
Operators: 3

Machine components
Gear box: Bonfiglioli – Italy
Motor: ABB – Siemens – Bonfiglioli
Pneumatic cylinder: Camozzi – Italy
Solenoid: Camozzi – Italy
Switch and sensor: Siemens – Datasensor
Photocell: Datasensor – Omron
Electrical cabinet components: Siemens – Omron

Machine equipment
1 single hydraulic depalletizer
1 feeding air separator shovel
1 single unwinding equipment
1 wrapping section
1 single hydraulic palletizer
2 rotating knife systems for the wrapping paper cross cut

Material of construction
Body machine: steel tube and plate
Catwalk: steel tube and plate
Paint: R.A.L color –

The machine installation at floor level is estimated in 10 days with 1 electrician and 1 mechanical by supplier
The customer will provide 2 helpers, 1 fork-lift truck 2,5 tons, the necessary tools for the installation and to drill for fixing the machine to the floor

Guarantee: 365 days from the receiving
Delivery: 90-120 days from order confirmation
Price: on request (very attractive)
Payment: 50% for order confirmation; 50% before shipment