Maker: OverMeccanica (with several overhaulings over the years from Recard and De Iuliis, last in 2010)
Width: 2620 mm
Width at pope: 2550 mm
Fourdrinier complete of drainage elements
Grade: Tissue paper and MG Paper
Basis Weight Range: 15 – 100 gsm
Max daily production: 25 – 35 t/day
Max Speed: 400 m/min
Complete plant
Stopped in February 2019, still installed

Stock preparation composed of:
-one conveyor
-one 15 m3 Pulper made by Omma, consistency 12%
-one High Density Cleaner
-one Maule separplast (40 Tpd)
-one Maule Key-Screen (40 Tpd)
-one Black Clawson Double Disc Refiner (size 18″)
-Low Density Cleaners
-four agitators + one 60 m3 inox tank
-Lamort screen on head of machine

Headbox: slice 2600 mm
Two presses: diameter 600 mm and 530 mm
MG Cylinder: diameter: 3600 mm, width: 2800 mm, working pressure: 3,5 bar
Hood by Fomat
OverMeccanica Pope Reeler: max diameter 1600 mm, with 6 spools

Slitter Rewinder with 2 unwinders, max reel unwind diameter 1300 mm, speed: 600 m/min
QCS for grammage control and moisture control
Krofta (1500 l/min)
One steam boiler 8 Tph, 13 bar max pressure
N. 2 vacuum liquid ring pump