Year of construction: 2003
Paper width at pope: 2700 mm
Speed: 700 m/min
Grammage: 30 to 90 gr/m2
Capacity: 60 Tpd with 40 gr/m2

Stock Preparation:
Pulper with Feeding Conveyor
Poire (pulper screen)
Pilao Triconic Refiner
Hot Dispersion Plant RCM
Vibrating Screen
Lamort Pressure Screen on Head of Machine

Forming section: fourdrinier
Adjustable hydraulic headbox (with 27 sectors)
Breast roll
Flat fourdrinier (with 12 suction boxes)
Suction couch roll

Felt section
Top felt section
Bottom felt section
Suction press roll (between top and bottom felts)
2 presses against Yankee

Dryer section
Over Meccanica Yankee cylinder Ø 3657 mm (12′), max design speed: 1600 m/min
Steam hood aerothermic
Pope winder