Constructor: Toscotec
Year: 2002
Idled in 2011
Capacity: 100 Tpd
Grammage: 100-250 gsm
Speed: 250 m/min
Machine complete
Stock Preparation:
HD Pulper Celli (Bipulper)
17″ Celli Double Disc Refiner
22″ Celli Double Disc Refiner
17″ Aga Refiner
22″ Aga Refiner
N° 2 Toscotec selectifiers with holed baskets, max capacity 150 Tpd
N° 2 Vibrating Screens for selectifiers rejects
N° 2 HD Cleaners
N° 2 Robuschi Fan Pumps
N° 1 x 3 Stage Albia Cleaners

Forming Section
All AISI 316 stainless steel
N° 4 mould formers, diameter 1250 mm, face 2800 mm, with headbox
N° 2 Azmec Vacuum Pumps

Press Section: available, dismantled

Dryer Section:
N° 16 dryer cylinders, made by Toscotec, diameter 1500 mm, face 2950 mm, working pressure 10 bar

QCS Measurex for moisture and grammage

Pope made by Carcano

Slitter Rewinder made by Carcano for machine reels up to diameter 1450 mm, and 2650 mm trimmed width, speed: 800 m/min

Right Hand DC drive

Bono diathermic oil gas boiler for 10 T/hour steam