Manufacturer: Maule
Width at Pope: 2500 mm
Capacity: 75 Tpd
Paper grades: Fluting-Medium
Basis weight 100-200 gr/m2
Idled in 2009

Stock Preparation:
1 Pulper LD by Toschi, 30 m3 with drive panel and conveyor
1 Trommel with bale press
1 Turboseparator by Toschi (capacity: 120 Tpd)
1 Turboseparator by OMMA
1 Lamort CH7
1 Lamort CH5
1 Separplast STM Mod. SV4
1 Refiner by Toschi (model GA1)
1 Defibrator by RCM
1 Krofta for recycle fibers (4000 l/min)
Pumps, pipes, electric instruments, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric valves.
Other electrical instruments.

Production Line:
1 Headbox (width: 2700 mm)
1 Fourdrinier (28200 mm x 2830 mm) with drainage elements, couch roll by Carcano, sleeve roll and couch sleeve roll by Carcano)
1 Press section by Maule, composed of 2 presses:
1st: drilled press top and bottom position
2nd: 1 drilled press bottom position and 1 dinarock press top position
Vacuum system by Azmec
Dryer section composed of 33 dryers at 3.5 bar divided in 4 dryer batteries
Steam system distribution and hood by Novimpianti (2007)
QCS for grammage, moisture profile (STC)
Drive system by Siei Sistemi Srl

Manufacturer: Toschi
Width: 2500 mm
Sheet cutter with pneumatic system constructed by Cotta Spa