Width at Pope: 2540 mm
Capacity: 75 Tpd
Grammage: 80-200 gsm
Operating speed: 600-700 m/min
Power installed: around 1000 kW

Including complete Stock Preparation (pulpers, refiners, separators, vibrating screen, deflaker, several pumps and agitators, etc..)

Machine composed of:
-forming section: fourdrinier. Headbox by Over (slice width: 2670 mm)
-press section composed of first press Freiria (diameter of the two rolls: 500 mm; width 2750 mm) and second press (diameter of the two rolls: 800 mm; width 2750 mm)
-drying section with 18 Dryers and one MG Cylinder (diameter: 3800 mm) and hood with heat recovery system
-pope reeler
-rewinder with trim removal system
With also one Bono Boiler almost new (year 2010) and some ancillary equipments