Scope of supply: paper machine, stock preparation plant, slitter rewinder
Raw material: virgin fiber or waste paper
Paper width at pope: 2250 mm
Grammage: 40-110 gsm
Mechanical speed: 600 m/min
Production speed: 480 m/min
Production capacity: 50-70 tpd (depending on grammage)

Machine composed of:
-flat wire with dandy roll (Ø 1200mm)
-pick-up press
-flat press
-drying section with n°10 cylinders (Ø 1500 mm), n° 1 cylinder (Ø 1250 mm) and n° 2 cylinders (Ø 1828 mm).
-MG Cylinder (Ø 2800 mm)

The stock preparation line includes n° 3 pulpers (each one with its refining line): one for long fibers, one for short fibers, one for trimmings

2400 mm Goebel slitter rewinder, speed: 1200 m/min

Steam plant with n° 3 boilers for a total steam production of around 10 ton/h of steam

Included: water and air plants, laboratory equipment for all controls (quality, etc…)

Some videos available