Fourdrinier (bottom layer) – NOW SOLD

Fourdrinier (top layer)
Wire section having the following main characteristics:
•designed, manufactured and installed by Metso
•in cantilever
•in carbon steel lined with stainless steel sheets
•wire width of 2860 mm
•Brest roll 460 mm diameter, rubber covered
•(1) forming board comprising (6) blades in ceramic
•(1) foil box with PE blades Robaglas
•(1) foil box with (5) PE blades Robaglas
•(1) duoflo low vacuum box FTK
•(2) high vacuum boxes Huyck with PE covering material Robaglas
•(1) wire roll 460 diameter, rubber covered
•(3) wire guide rolls 330 mm diameter, rubber covered
•(1) driven roll 660 mm diameter, rubber covered (92 kW)
•complete of pneumatic wire stretcher and guide roll device
•complete of wire and rolls cleaning system
•complete of aluminium stairways and walkways
•multi-layer wire in synthetic material based on polyester and polyamide

Now dismantled, well kept inside