Manufacturer: IMS
Completely rebuilt in 2001 (originally from late 80s but completely rebuilt with new software, drawings, manual, only the structures and frames are from the 80s)
Type: single shaft, (one expandable shaft for carton cores 76 mm and one for 152 mm included in the supply)
Working materials: paper and cardboard
Cutting system: N°5 knives with circular blades
Max speed: 600 m/min
Max web width: 1650 mm
Min cutting (stripes) width: 40 mm
Max diameter on rewinder: 1000 mm
Max reel weight on rewinder: 1250 Kg
Type of unwinder: indipendent unit, with pneumatic brake and expandable shaft (for carton cores 76 and 152 mm)
Max diameter on unwinder: 1200 mm
Max reel weight on unwinder: 1800 Kg
Trim suction: no
Manuals and drawings available