Disc Filter
Maker: Andritz
Completely overhauled by Andritz in 2011
Stopped in 2014

Capacity: with groundwood they had 80/90 Tpd, but can reach 150 Tpd (depending on the product)
The capacity of the machine depends on the consistency. With the current configuration and temperature between 50-60 °C
(and Schopper Riegler between 50 and 76), the capacity was 9.000 l/min with inpunt consistency between 0,7% and 0,9%
and output consistency between 7% and 9%. But the machine is designed to produce up to 12.000 l/min

N. 9 discs installed (but it can contain up to 11 discs)
Consistency: 0,8% to 8-9%
Installed power is about 25 kW
The plant is completely automatic (automatic with PLC), CE certified and in very good working condition

Scope of supply includes:
-Disc filter
-Control panel with PLC Siemens S7, ABB inverter and all the necessary equipment for the automatic control
-sensors and actuators (flow meters, pressure and temperature meters, valves with automatic drives)
-high pressure pump
-A316 stainless steel piping
-access platforms and stairs
-some spare parts
-original Andritz manual and technical documents