Manufacturer: TEKMA
Year: 1992
Max production speed: 350 diapers per minute
Average production speed: 200 diapers per minute
Product packaging: the diapers can be packaged from a minimum of n. 10 diapers to a maximum of n. 20 diapers
Number of plant workers: n. 2 technicians, n. 2 packagers and n. 1 packer, for a total number of employees n. 5 Average production per 8 hours shift: 70.000 pannolini
Power consumption of the plant: 100 kW
Industrial warehouse size required for the assembly and testing of the plant: 1000 m2
Characteristics of the diapers produced by the plant: classic cellulose diaper in panty with adhesives and elastic bands
Current status of the machine: dismantled, well kept inside