Manufacturer: PCMC
Year: 1995
Machine still in production, in good condition

Scope of supply:
A)N° 1 PCMC Unwind Stand:
-Max parent reel diam 1800 mm
-Max paper width 1650 mm
-Mechanically driven by the main motor

B)N° 1 PCMC Embosser:
-Steel to steel rolls
-Mechanically driven by the main motor

C)N° 1 PCMC Folding Head with slitter, folding plates, stacker and transfer:
-C folding: open product size 310 x 225 mm (other sizes are possible)
-Current count: 100 pcs
-Possible cut-off range from 230 t0 255 mm

N° 1 Wrapper, maker STAX, model NW1-80

N° 1 Bundler, maker STAX, model UNB-480

Average current production speed 270 m/min