Manufacturer: Beloit
Type: Suction breast roll former (inclined wire)
Year: 1971 (Startup)
Nominal Width: 2720 mm
Width at pope: 2680 mm
Design Speed: 1600 m/min
Production Speed: up to 1550 m/min
Grammage: 14 to 23 gsm
Production: 55-65 tpd
Raw material: virgin pulp
Drive voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
Machine Drive type: ABB
Hood Drive type: Siemence DC
DCS made by ABB
Major rebuilds in 1984 (drying system) and 2004 (Yankee Cylinder)
Key Products: all type napkins, facials, toilet & kitchen towels

Scope of Supply:
Stock Preparation: 2 refiners, cleaners, fan pump
Beloit Headbox (slice width: 2743 mm)
Forming: Shoe pickup, N°2 felt vacuum boxes
Valmet Yankee Cylinder installed NEW in 2004 (diameter 4580 mm)
Suction press: 78 kN/m, blind press: 80 kN/m
Gas drying hoods rebuilt in 1984, 430 °C
Pope Reeler width 2680 mm (max roll diameter 2000 mm)
Extractor with roll up-ender
ABB scanner (Type 1190/SP700)
Hydraulic station and lubrication system

Several electrical and mechanical spare parts available + 2 felts + 2 wires
Drawings and technical files available