Manufacturer: PAMA
Year: 1958
In production until mid of 2010, now well preserved (cylinders open for avoiding moisture accumulation, lubrication verified, etc…)
Right hand drive
Production: 30-40 tpd of crepe paper towel 41 gsm
Type of furnish: waste paper
Width at reel: 2320 mm
Speed on Yankee: 320-350 m/min
Yankee diameter: 3187 mm, metallized in 2001
Yankee operating pressure: 2.5 bar
Press section: 2 presses (1 felt press, 1 yankee)
Dry section: 8 drying cylinders. Canopy hood on the cylinders
Cylinder diameter: 1500 mm
Cylinder operating pressure: 2.5 bar
Steam and condensate system
N° 3 doctor blades
Overhead monorail crane for spool handling

Walkways and stairs

Stock preparation composed of:
N° 8 process pumps
N° 20 cleaners
N° 5 screens
N° 1 deflaker
N° 4 chests
N° 1 vertical agitator

Water treatment system
Vacuum system
Air system
PLC by Siemens (Simatic S7)
Pulper, conveyor belt and refiner not included in the supply

Several spare parts available, including cylinders, felts, rolls, motors, screens, etc…