Manufacturer: Over Meccanica
Type: Double Wire
Year of construction: 1991
Nominal width: 2780 mm
Trimmed width 2730 mm
Design speed: 1400 m/min
Production speed: up to 1330 m/min (drying limit with hankies production)
Grammage: 13,5 to 29 gsm
Production: 82 ton/day
Raw material: Virgin pulp
Drive voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
Machine Drive type: DC 400V
Hood Drive type: ABB DC
Yankee Cylinder (diameter: 3600 mm, pressure: 7,8 bar)
Pope (max roll diameter: 2500 mm, max width: 2730 mm)
Major rebuilds: 2016 new steel AISI 304 machine structure
Machine stopped in October 2018
Key products: all type hankies, napkins, facials, toipa, & kitchen towel
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