Year: 2000
Capacity: 30 Tpd (from 13 to 32 gsm)
Width: 2650 mm
Speed: 500 m/min

Stock preparation included (14 m3 Low Density Pulper, 2 x Beloit DD refiners (16″), etc..)

Paper machine with:
-Close headbox (flow rate: 20.000 l/min)
-Vacuum forming section
-Suction press roll
-Yankee cylinder: diameter 3200 mm, width 2800 mm
-High Efficiency hood with heat recovery system, width 2800 mm
-Pope reeler, width 2800 mm, for jumbo rolls diameter (1270-1778 mm) and core diameter 76 mm

Water recovery system
Boiler (3000 Kg of steam/h)
Several spare parts and ancillary equipment available

Slitter Rewinder not present because not needed: they made directly in the pope reeler “two-ply jumbo rolls”, to send them directly to the converting department.

Note that this tissue machine can work with two configurations:
-Crescent Former design (100% virgin pulp)
-Flat Wire design (100% recyled fibers)