Complete plant, built in 1999, for a 250/300 Tpd liner-fluting paper mill
Water treatment capacity: 180 – 200 m3/h
Chemicals storage tanks
Anaerobic reactor with biogas production, 1500 m3, built of mild steel, insulated, with steam pre-heater and chemicals mixing tank. Working temperature 30 – 35 C°, Ø 15,6 m, H 8 m
Biogas collecting tank
2 parallel oxigenation concrete tanks, each with enough capacity to run the plant
3 Robuschi ventilation fans, 1 for each tank + 1 spare for both
2 sludge sedimentation tanks: sludge was recicled in the oxigenation tanks; the excess back to the pulper
All drawings and technical documentation available
Technical details of water quality:
COD inlet: 900 – 1200 mg COD/lt
COD oulet: 50 – 60 mg COD/lt
Limit of law (Italy) <= 160 mg COD/lt
See drawings and pictures attached
The plant is in perfect working condition and has been in operation until August 14th, 2007